Serendipity Tertiary Care

serendipity tertiary careSerendipity offers extended care to people in recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, or other addictions. We are Cape Town’s oldest Tertiary Care facility and believe that we have innovated the approach to treatment in Cape Town.

Not for Profit Organization

Serendipity is registered as a non-profit organization. We keep our fees as low as possible in order to bring quality treatment within the reach of the broader community.

Registered with the Department Of Social Development

Serendipity has met with the stringent requirements of the Department of Social Development and has been registered as a Halfway House since 2004. Serendipity strives to adhere to the norms and standards of contemporary treatment clinics.

About our program

Serendipity offers several groups a week that engage clients in an active process of recovery. Monday night Step Working Group, Wednesday Spirituality Group, Thursday Psycho-dynamic Group and Saturday Community Group. All of these groups are taken by staff members who have worked in the addiction field for decades. Patients are required to attend 12 step fellowship meetings and complete written stepwork under the guidance of a fellowship sponsor.

Support and care

Serendipity has always pushed the idea that it is the therapeutic community that is both the source of strength and the agent of change for its members. A strong team of qualified and experienced Counsellors oversee the process and provide individual input to patients. This model of care is in keeping with international norms of treatment.

Take responsibility for growth

Patients have to seek work or engage in full-time study, those not in this position are required to take on full time voluntary work with a charity of their choice until a time they secure full time work. The therapeutic community of Serendipity provides patients a safe place to start negotiating their return into the broader community. They are supported by a team of qualified Counsellors who have had years of experience in assisting clients to find work, return to families, and to start taking social responsibility.

Structured environment

Serendipity has a comprehensive set of house rules that are enforced by a resident House Manager who is available on call 24/7. Research has shown that having access to a social support network reduces stress and improves a person’s belief that he/she can cope. Having a structured environment with meaningful boundaries is very important in early recovery.

Sober Living Accommodation

Serendipity is able to cater for patients to stay within a managed, structured environment for indefinite periods while still being able to engage in meaningful progressive life activities. As such patients upon completion at Serendipity can move to one of our Sober Living House’s where we provide one Counsellor lead group a week.


Serendipity charges R6,000 per month for residents from Africa and £1,000 for clients from elsewhere in the world. This includes all of the groups and breakfast. Lunch and supper must be catered by yourself.

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