We provide a full assessment service by a highly qualified Team member who ensures that when considering treatment options we can assist the client in finding a solution to their problem that best suits their individual needs, taking into account their personal profile and how to get the most out of the various programmes that we have to offer… more

Interventions Unit
In many cases, loved ones and those suffering from severe addiction and alcoholism may be unaware that they need treatment or even unwilling to accept help. Despite the best intentions of family and friends, there are occasions when professional intervention is necessary in order to stop the downward spiral of destruction that can be the direct result of alcoholism and/or drug addictionmore

Gender Separate Addiction Treatment
The process of addiction treatment is, from a psychological and 12-Step point of view, an intervention in which individuals need to have the sense of safety and space to address their disease. Several factors may contribute to the escalation of disease-related symptoms whilst receiving and after treatment

Foundations of Recovery
The treatment process for addictions is by no means left to chance. Based on the Minnesota model of treatment, and developed in consultation with Hazelden Clinic (the recognised benchmark in treatment protocols), The Harmony Group programmes are second to none, supported by carefully chosen staff of the highest pedigree… more

The Continuum of Care
The Harmony Group of South Africa is currently the only cohesive group of treatment centres offering the full contimuum of care for the treatment of addictions in South Africa today. Not all patients have the same requirements and from inception, the most appropriate care will be tailored for the patient, taking into consideration all circumstances and financial position… more

An Overview of the Twelve-Step Programmes
A twelve-step programme is a set of guiding principles outlining a course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioural problems. Originally proposed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) as a method of recovery from alcoholism, the Twelve Steps were first published in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered From Alcoholism in 1939… more

A Holistic Approach
Harmony Addictions Clinic is one of the first rehabilitation facilities in the country to introduce complementary holistic addiction therapy – particularly for repeated relapses and when other counselling modalities have failed. Because of the complexity of addiction and its pervasive consequences, the quest for a successful recovery rate remains a battle not only in South Africa, but also all over the world…more