Cravings and getting your “food fix”

Food fix

There was a very interesting article that was recently published by the New York times in their blog section about how food can have similar addictive properties as certain drugs. A great deal of testing and research has been done on this matter due to American boom in obesity rates. In the past many nutritionists […]

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The obesity epidemic

Over the past ten years there has been a massive epidemic of obesity around the world. If you were to take a walk in the streets of London or New york ten years ago you would likely see much leaner and healthier people than you would see on the same walk in 2012. This trend […]

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Foods that contribute the most to weight gain and obesity

Foods that contribute to weight gain

At one point or another in time we have either asked ourselves what we can do to lose weight or to at least avoid gaining any excess weight. Most people come up with the solution to cut out a certain food group, such as sugars, or to stop eating carbohydrates or dairy. Many people only […]

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Harm reduction


In countries such as the Netherlands and Switzerland, government has adopted an approach to drug addiction that is arguably more beneficial to society, as well as the addicts. It is called “harm reduction” and although it is by no means a new approach to the problem it does have some merits that shouldn’t be overlooked, […]

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Tik manufacturers soon to take a hard hit

tik lab

Cape Town’s safety and security directorate has put together a set of regulations that will make it very difficult for manufacturers of methamphetamine, or commonly known in South Africa as “Tik”, to get hold of the ingredients that they need to make the drug. Many of the ingredients needed to make Tik are available from […]

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Tik effects revealed from tests on house flies


The Journal of Toxicological Sciences recently published very interesting results on the effects that methamphetamine, or commonly known in South Africa as “Tik”, has on fruit flies and how this relates to humans. The study showed that the majority of the fruit flies that were given tik were dying of starvation, it also showed that […]

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