Solutions For Drug Abuse In South Africa

drug solution

The problem of drugs and substance abuse has become endemic in many parts of the world and South Africa is no different. There are lots of people who have been directly or indirectly affected by this national scourge. The problem has become endemic in recent years, with many families being affected in one way or […]

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Foods that contribute the most to weight gain and obesity

Foods that contribute to weight gain

At one point or another in time we have either asked ourselves what we can do to lose weight or to at least avoid gaining any excess weight. Most people come up with the solution to cut out a certain food group, such as sugars, or to stop eating carbohydrates or dairy. Many people only […]

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Alcohol and pregnancy


Recent studies on 340’000 women done by the CDC (Center for disease control and prevention) show that one in thirteen women are drinking while pregnant. One in thirteen may not seem so bad at first glance, but if you think about it that’s almost 8%. There is unending information on the harm that alcohol consumption […]

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Romancing the mouse – no more child’s play

video gaming addiction

I doubt that many people are aware of this, but last week marked the sixth anniversary of a tragic death by a cause that propelled it into international headlines at the time. Of course, any death is a tragedy, but what makes this one so sad is its institutionalised, societal nature and the prevalence of […]

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Tik – when local isn’t lekker (Part 2)

Smoking tik

Last week, I introduced the topic of tik, and I spent some time elaborating on how it’s become one of the worst drug problems in the history of South Africa. Today I’m going to go into more detail on the physical addiction and side-effects of the drug. One of the most important things about tik is its […]

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It starts with hope

As anyone who has had experience of drug addiction or a family member or friend who was or is an addict can tell you, it’s not a particularly positive experience. It can turn into one of the most disruptive episodes in your life, whether you yourself are the addict, or someone close to you is. […]

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