Drug Resistance Through Drug Abuse Awareness in South Africa


Many youngsters today are hooked into drug addiction and abuse. In South Africa alone, about 15% of the whole population is affected by drug-related concerns. It has been one of the top places where alcohol and narcotics are widely available which is why many concerned groups are acting today to spread drug abuse awareness in […]

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Solutions For Drug Abuse In South Africa

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The problem of drugs and substance abuse has become endemic in many parts of the world and South Africa is no different. There are lots of people who have been directly or indirectly affected by this national scourge. The problem has become endemic in recent years, with many families being affected in one way or […]

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Overview of the Drug Abuse Problem in South Africa


Drug abuse in South Africa is fast becoming a big problem. According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group, illegal drug consumption in South Africa is double the world norm. This has led to an increase in crime rates especially among poor unemployed South Africans. Figures published by the South African Police Service show […]

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Appreciating The Extent Of Drug Abuse In SA

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One of the most alarming reports in South Africa has recently been released. This report ideally talks about drug abuse and substance misuse in the Rainbow Nation and provides detailed insights into the extent to which drugs are misused and abused in society. There are numerous cases of drugs, alcohol and substance abuse and the […]

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Rehabilitation of Substance Abuse in South Africa

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It is common for former drug addicts to experience a relapse once they go outside the rehab centre. Unfortunately, this can happen not just once but several times. The reason behind relapses is the person’s lack of readiness and determination to turn down temptations after recovery from abusing illegal drugs. Hence, rehabilitation of substance abuse […]

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How to Stop Drug Abuse and Crime in South Africa Today


There are many challenges faced by the society today and among the top problems are drug abuse and crime in South Africa. For some, this long term concerns are almost impossible to combat as the number of people getting hooked to these practices is growing. Drugs such as cocaine and marijuana are becoming very much […]

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