Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs

Getting Help
Pharmaceutical addiction must be treated like the disease it is. The Harmony Group of treatment centres has been helping people overcome prescription and OTC drug addictions for over 7 years. Providing a specialised combination of medical treatment and behavioural therapy has seen a high success rate of recovery for pharmaceutical abusers. If you or a loved one needs help, contact us today! 0861 695 9067

Move Away From your Addictions to Drugs and Alcohol

Prescription drug addictions start out innocent enough. Maybe you were injured in an accident and received a prescription of pain medication from your doctor. Once you healed, you realized how nice the drugs made you feel. If you were having a bad day, you would take a few more pills. That is exactly how a drug addiction starts. And once it is full blown, it’s very hard to stop on your own. Having an addiction to prescription drugs of any kind can create health issues, psychological issues, and strain on your family. We are here to help.

  • We have been successfully treating individuals with prescription drug addictions for more than 7 years, with a high rate of success for recovery.
  • Our approach combines behavioral therapy as well as medical treatment. We also have programs which include holistic and spiritual approaches.
  • Prescription drug abuse may include those from your doctor, as well as over the counter medications such as cough mixtures and pain capsules. Any can have the potential for addiction.
  • Trying to end the use of the drug yourself can lead to withdrawal symptoms including headaches, stomach cramps, disorientation, attitude changes and raised blood pressure.

We have been working with men and women for many years, helping each one overcome their addiction and return to a happy and healthy lifestyle. The Harmony Group does not judge you or discipline you; we simply use tried and true methods to help you end your drug and alcohol abuse or dependency. If you are in the Cape Town, Johannesburg, Centurion & Pretoria areas of South Africa and need any guidance on drug abuse or treatment programs, please contact us. We’d be happy to talk with you, offer a confidential evaluation, and discuss the various treatment programs which will work for you, or your loved ones’ addiction.

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